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Singapore Telecommunications Limited (commonly abbreviated as Singtel, and previously stylized as SingTel) is a Singaporean multinational telecommunications conglomerate and one of the four major telcos operating in the country. The company is the largest mobile network operator in Singapore with 4.1 million subscribers and through subsidiaries, has a combined mobile subscriber base of 640 million customers at the end of the financial year 2017.

According to WIKIPEDIA on 12 February 2020, SingTel was fined $9,000 Singapore dollars for a data breach incident involving the My Singtel mobile app, a smartphone application owned by SingTel. The incident begins from Singtel encountering a technical issue during its migration to a new billing system in early 2018, resulting in the personal data of 750 mobile subscribers being exposed. Of these, 39 subscribers' personal data were in fact accessed by other subscribers over a period of about 11 hours.


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Former Employee - Customer Service Officer says

"long working hours. shifts and manpower problems."

Former Employee - Sales Executive says

"unethical company. no new customer = hell from higher management"

Current Employee - Business Analyst says

"Not recommend this company, always cut staff benefit"

Current Employee - Data Scientist says

"1. Growth - it will take you forever to learn something new if you are experience. 2. Processes - You will be stuck in process forever 3. Onboarding time - Takes you 2-3 months to get onboard (laptop setup, software installation etc). you need to get permission to install chrome. 4. Feedback - Whenever you try to raise concern/feedback for the team, people start giving you advices like chill before the storm comes etc etc. Nobody wants to improve. Nobody cares if you are happy or not everybody is just doing their job by the books. If you have joined the company by mistake please i beg you never be candid about your opinions people will start hating you, stop talking to you. Also never correct any person who is superior to you, you will be dropped out of the future meetings. 5. IT support - Try not to visit them, you will end by wasting your life there. 6. Approvals - Apply for an access and go have a bag packing trip in Europe for 20 days. 7. Mails - Please take a crash course for email writing before joining. You will end up writing mails the whole day. 8. HR - I seriously do not have words to describe the HR. I was new, got an injury, kept pinging the HR about the medical policy and all, he did not care to respond back. End up paying from my pocket. 9. My manager was changed without any prior notice. 10. Below market standard pay. 11. No transparency."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Poor management, no clear direction, micromanage, inefficient, impractical demands that demoralize, no work life balance, political, employee welfare is superficial"

Current Employee - Manager says

"working culture is not supportive"

Current Employee - Manager says

"In cost cutting mode. The loudest request gets to serve first."

Former Employee - Recruiter says

"Extremely high turn over rate in the office High penalties for both consultant and team lead Ideas not being heard of, and management have their fixed ideas Long working hours that is not recognized Would rather others to choose a better firm then concentrating with small, general roles"

Former Employee - Account Manager says

"> Long Working Hours. > Lack of pre-sales support. > VERY political between bosses and bosses. > Very reactive in sales. Always wait for the competitor to drop the price before they willing to drop. > Blame culture by management when they lose a deal."

Current Employee - Senior Software Engineer says

"New managers are really bad - they don't understand business or the system complexity and keep pushing their favorite concepts Your manager won't even know what u are doing on a daily basis . there is no proper dev framework. everone just do their own thing. Too much work load all the time in trouble shooting prod issues too many dependency on lot of backend systems and no body have clue what is happening. If prod incident then everybody just rush in. You will be criticized by new manager who think they know better when all they want to is look good, dev practice is a total joke Almost all team members looking for a job outside and will leave at the first opportunity."

Corporate Service Executive (Former Employee) says

"This job requires a lot of patience and time. Does not have work life balance. Expected to OT everyday due to the amount of work. Even needs to go back on Saturday to do OT. The workplace culture is horrible. Not recommend for people who wants a balanced job scope with equivalent pay and work life balance."

Executive (Former Employee) says

"Bad Office Culture and Environment Unethical top management who only want to fulfill personal KPI in order for their career advancement at the expense of othersstable salary"

Customer Service Associate (Former Employee) says

"Professionally a bad experience for me as there was lack of proper management and supervision in ensuring smooth operation. Team was supervised by a senior from a different department who had zero product knowledge therefore I was not able to clarify work related doubts/issues. Due to the lack of supervision, improper assignment segregation was done, staffs missing in action frequently which resulted to amounting pending works and unhappy clients. Team was led by fresh poly graduates who was still childish and immature, therefore there was a lack of work discipline and unapproachable for work related issues. Despite being in a well established organisation, employees welfare was ignored, there was no discipline in ensuring tasks were completed in a timely and efficient manner, low wage and unhealthy working environment. Therefore I decided to leave the organisation due to the bad impression, bad workplace culture and the unprofessionalism practiced.Able to work independently and complete my tasks within my own time frame set.Lack of supervision and knowledgeable superior to rely onto. No discipline in the team, low wage and unhealthy environment."

Software Engineer (Former Employee) says

"They have no ethics.They can hire and fire anytime.It's very much insecure for contractors and subcontractors. They are treated different from permanent employees.Very little or no help will be provided from seniors.Food is cheaper than outside"

Employee (Former Employee) says

"Positives: 1. Good Work-Life Balance Negatives: 1. No clarity about roles and responsibilities 2. Poisonous work culture where racism is actually encouraged 3. Very poor paymaster 4. No flexibility in work hours 5. Culture of not taking responsibility 6. Extremely Bureaucratic Only come here if you are looking for a source of income without any aspirations of growing professionally or learning anything new."

Singtel Promotor (Former Employee) says

"Deal with customers from all walks of life. Able to help customers out about any queries. Product promotions. More to communicating with customers. High level of patiencelong hours"

Director (Current Employee) says

"Singtel EDMS / NCS has an inefficient structure that causes lots of overheads in operations, financial & sales process."

CCO(Customer care officer) says

"Worst working place ever... Full of stress and not even assist staff on thier issues.. Always keep on pressuring to sell add-ons to customer and push staff must sell add-ons to customer!!!Nothing freeHealthcare only rm300... No dental nothing"

Sales Executive (Current Employee) says

"-typical day -sell subscriber line package -management undesirable -too many gossiping -waiting to off work -none enjoyable partno prolong long hours"

Product Manager (Current Employee) says

"culture can be improved. risk taking is not encouraged and any extra thing is frowned upon. Salary wise is so so only Hard to get things to move is such many departments and functions and everyone have their own agenda"

Data Scientist Intern (Former Employee) says

"Micro management is highly practiced in Singtel which should be reduced to enhance productivity.People should be allowed to work at their own pace to see grotwh in the company as well as in personal grothFree snacksLong hours"

Customer Care Officer (Former Employee) says

"attend to billing enquiries. adv cust on why their lines are cut off. liase with other departments to find out more on customer's billing issues."

To handle project team members by assisting (Former Employee) says

"To handle project team members by assisting in paper work, Filing and taking minutes of meeting and to work in site office."

MSD Team Lead (Current Employee) says

"Working here for more than a year. Doesn't have much benefits to an employee.Not even a coffee machine.Quite boring management who just come to office for merely salary no growth opportunities as such.No benefitsLot of them."

Executive (Current Employee) says

"Management not mature enough, still have many rooms need more attention and improve. Decision is centralized (Depend which team you belong). Training for staff less available but you still need to hit/get certain cert to meet the KPI (Varies depend on depart).Flexibility, multi-cultureExtreme tight security, management need improve, etc..."

Customer Service Officer (Current Employee) says

"- how to be patient/ listening when customer dispute - learning communication skill when meet with difficult customer - the most enjoyable is the moment have a fun with colleagues when we're feel stressful during lunch, movies.etc"

Online & Mobile Advertising Marketing Manager (Former Employee) says

"Great experience and career opportunities but a very process-heavy, hierarchical place to work. I learned a lot at Optus and worked with some amazing and very clever people which was the best part of the job."

Customer Service Assistant (Former Employee) says

"My job basically requires me to help foreigners transfer money through the DASH app to their preferred destination. It was a friendly workplace. There wouldn't be much customers. However, on Saturdays and especially Sundays are really crowded which requires a lot of patience, hard work and focus because we mustn't make a mistake while transferring the money. Managers and full timers in the workplace told me that i could just use my phone where there aren't any customers instead of staring into blank space. Unfortunately,the higher authorities terminated me saying that they don't pay me to use my phone at work. Ironically, i found it absurd that all the workers used their phones at work but I was thee only one who got fired.Not much work on weekdaysToo crowded on Sundays"

Risk Management Executive (Former Employee) says

"Good for building up resume and experience. The workplace is not suitable for people who are unable to cope with politics.Good colleaguesLong hours"

customer care officer (Former Employee) says

"i hope i can get the job back also ...because i had some hard time in my personal problems in my life...hope i can get the job there .it is fun working there .i have manage in everything ." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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